Rainbow In My Tummy® wants to provide parents with the tools to sustain a healthy food culture at home. We believe that parents are their child’s first teacher and we want to provide resources to make it easy for parents to encourage healthy eating. Visit our resources page or blog for activity ideas and tools.

IMG_4437We encourage centers to introduce center-based activities designed to promote family and community wellness, as well as economic and environmental stability.

We provide teachers and staff with training  that includes activities and ideas to engage their families and the community.

We provide families with healthy, family-size recipes, tips and research updates. Additionally, we train centers on how to engage parents in the creation of their new food culture.

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IMG_1542 copySimple Ways To Change The Food Culture At Home:

1. Involve children in the preparation of healthy meals and snacks. Children can help you set the table or wash fruits and vegetables.

2. Visit the grocery store or farmer’s market and encourage your child to pick out healthy foods they would like to try.

3. Hold a taste test! Pick out several different types of apples for example, and have your child try them all. Talk about the color, taste and size of each one.

4. Provide toys that reflect healthy choices – puzzles and books with real foods, healthy play foods, etc.

5. Sing songs about healthy foods. Have fun with it and make one up!