We provide centers with menus, recipes, food production and purchasing recommendations, USDA compliance data, kitchen and staff assessment, training, and support to ensure successful implementation.

IMG_5121 editedBefore beginning implementation, centers must fill out a Rainbow In My Tummy® assessment questionnaire that evaluates their current menus and recipes, as well as defines their current food culture and willingness to shift their philosophy to a healthier food culture. This assessment tool allows centers to define their starting point for implementation and identifies key areas of improvement to their food service program.

Staff also assess and provide recommendations to improve their current production including kitchen renovations and provide training for kitchen staff.

The Verner kitchen acts as a model kitchen for prospective and currently implemented IMG_3244centers. Centers are invited to visit the site kitchen for training and best practices in food service preparation.




Simple Ways to Improve the Food Culture in your Kitchen:

1. Exchange a canned fruit or vegetable for a fresh or frozen fruit or vegetable.

2. Add a fruit or vegetable to a snack. Try serving carrots with hummus or sunflower butter with apple slices or celery.

3. Serve juice less often.

4. Use brown rice versus white rice.

5. Serve children (over two years of age) skim milk.