A Rainbow In My Tummy® Center not only improves the quality of food they serve, but commits to making fundamental changes in their policies and behaviors to build a healthy food culture. We assist centers in building consensus for change by providing training in nutritional literacy and the “why” of the change. We provide centers with a sample food policyRainbow In My Tummy® Center to help them formulate their food culture philosophy. Each food policy is unique to each program and may contain guidelines on their celebration policy, meal service and food preferences. Additionally, we believe it is the responsibility of the center to ensure the health and wellbeing of each student by providing guidance and supportive resources to personnel, children and families in the areas of nutrition, health, physical activity and food service.

We provide healthy food modeling training to teachers and administrators. Teacher modeling has been shown to have a very strong effect on young children’s food preferences and attitudes during a developmental stage when lifelong habits are being formed.  We also provide training for food service staff on new menus, as well as new ways to purchase, prepare and serve foods.

We tailor our consulting services to every center based on their expectations, current knowledge and staff size to ensure a successful shift to a healthy food culture.

Rainbow In My Tummy® CenterSimple Ways To Improve The Food Culture In Your Center

1. Encourage the use of water bottles. Avoid branded items such as soda cups and juices.

2. Move vending machines out of site of children and families.

3. Create a healthy celebration policy. Swap cakes and cookies for fruit trays and 100% fruit juice popsicles.

4. Drink more water, especially in front of the children.

5. Purchase toys that reflect healthy choices that also work on basic skills. For example, books and puzzles with pictures of real foods.

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