Healthy Happy Celebration Ideas

Rainbow In My Tummy® loves to celebrate with children and for children, and there are a lot of fun ways to do it without adding sugar to the mix. Click on the title above to visit our Center Resources Page for a list of healthy celebration ideas.

Improving the food culture for young children

Rainbow In My Tummy® is a nutrition-enrichment program that was created by Verner early care and education professionals for early care and education professionals. Learn more!

Community Benefit Report

The Mission Health System has a strong commitment to the health of our community. Their support of Rainbow In My Tummy® is one of the primary reasons we are impacting over 1,300 young children in our community every day. View their 2013 Community Benefit Report and see a special feature on Rainbow In My Tummy®, Verner’s model early childhood nutrition program.

Rainbow In My Tummy® Classroom

The program provides an assessment of classroom curriculum and offers recommendations to centers to support a healthy food culture in the classroom. Center may make changes to their curriculum, dining experience and environmental print.

Rainbow In My Tummy® Center

The program not only improves the quality food served to young children, but it also seeks to shift the center to a healthier food culture. We provide training on nutritional literacy to help centers build consensus for change.


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